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Streamline your admin burden: Unleash your business's potential with expert support!

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Clean Officespace

Struggling to manage your business's admin workload effectively?

Feeling bogged down by the constant influx of emails?


Tired of carrying tasks over to the next day on your to-do list?

Now you can stop worrying! I am dedicated to helping new and established business owners take care of all their admin needs, so they can grow and be successful.



You only pay for the services you need, without worrying about office space, equipment, or benefits.
Get top-notch assistance at a fraction of the cost!


By handling routine tasks and managing projects, an OBM frees up your time to focus on high-priority activities such as business development, strategy, and growth.


OBMs are adaptable professionals who can quickly understand your business, its goals, and the industry context. Their ability to adapt makes them valuable assets in dynamic business environments.



I would like to thank you for all the fabulous work you have done for me, keeping me visible and my social media alive whilst I have been working away. I felt so relaxed knowing my Joanne Lazarus Celebrant business was in good hands, and I could see fabulous daily posts thanks to you.  You are very knowledgeable in how to get around my website.  Having you as a VA, and knowing how reliable and on the ball you are, means, my website. for my monthly blogs and e-mail system is being looked after, when I have my "day job" to do. Thank you so much for being an amazing VA.

Joanne Lazarus
Wedding Celebrant

Lucy is not just an executive administrator, Lucy is the M&S of executive administrators! She is diligent, thorough and so efficient. Lucy supported us with all aspects of the recruitment process, data tracking, client and candidate liaison and any request was dealt with swiftly. She is the ultimate professional.

Debbie Richardson, Former Colleague, Recruitment Panda

Lucy is great - really takes on board feedback and actions it quickly. I gave her an overwhelming amount of info and she's hit the ground running!

Helen Nuttall, Copywriter
Worked with through At The Drop of a Hat Ltd

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